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 (sŭm′nər), Charles 1811-1874.
American politician. A US senator from Massachusetts (1851-1874), he was a noted orator and abolitionist. In response to an antislavery speech, he was assaulted in the Senate chamber by a US representative from South Carolina (1856).


(ˈsʌm nər)

1. Charles, 1811–74, U.S. statesman.
2. James Batcheller, 1887–1955, U.S. biochemist: Nobel prize 1946.
3. William Graham, 1840–1910, U.S. sociologist and economist.
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Noun1.Sumner - United States sociologist (1840-1910)Sumner - United States sociologist (1840-1910)
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Affectionately Dedicated to my young friend Sumner Hamilton Britton of Chicago
It would be far easier to see you dead if it could be said of you as of Sumner 'No man dared offer him a bribe.
I cannot promise to be an Agassiz or a Sumner, mother; but I do promise to be an honest man, please God.
Both the captain and mate worked out the position on a Sumner line, and agreed, and at noon agreed again, and verified the morning sights by the noon sights.
Captain Doane worked hard, pursuing the sun in its daily course through the sky, by the equation of time correcting its aberrations due to the earth's swinging around the great circle of its orbit, and charting Sumner lines innumerable, working assumed latitudes for position until his head grew dizzy.
officials announced today that the global retailer will create more than 500 jobs at the companys distribution center in Sumner County.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 21, 2016-Southwire Acquires Construction Equipment, Tool Maker Sumner Manufacturing
Nathan Sumner, 35, split open the crown of PC Bates' head and nearly hacked off a finger.
Carl Sumner, 33, attempted to pay for items at Adapt Outdoors, Halfords and Evans Cycles with bogus bank transfers.
Viacom Inc said Saturday its board members have been unable to meet with controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone because his daughter Shari is blocking access to the media mogul.
In an astonishing interview, David Sumner insisted Liverpool supporters "weren't completely innocent" and claims they should have been in the stands by 2.
Sumner takes the Keynesian idea that while thrift is good for individuals, massive increases in thrift on a national scale spell disaster (at least in the short run) and applies it to monetary theory.