sun god

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sun god

n. Mythology
A god that personifies the sun.

sun′ god`

or sun′-god`,

1. the sun considered or personified as a deity.
2. a god identified or associated with the sun.
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Noun1.sun god - a god that personifies the sun or is otherwise associated with the sun
deity, divinity, god, immortal - any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
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This sun worship should be celebrated like the Republic Day celebrations".
Summer here as overnight This was sun worship gone mad and I had to delivery Amazon'' restrain myself from issuing warnings: "Ooh, that'll be sore tonight.
In a bid to make the yoga day event inclusive, the government dropped the "sun salute" from the exercises, since some Muslims say it represents sun worship and is against their faith.
The ring around the cross carries many explanations including sun worship as well as symbolism.
Consider The Promise, 2011: Four aluminum shields, placed in a neat line like a Minimal sculpture, are artifacts of an investigation into faddish sun worship.
For thousands of years, it was place of sun worship for the Hindus.
The connection between the aristocratic Aztec and Mayan cultures and the basically agrarian cultures migrating north was a religion focusing on sun worship.
They wanted to sun worship, eyes shut, soaking up rays, while he wanted to be encased in sand and photographed looking like Clint Eastwood about to be pecked to death by vultures in some Western.
Nowadays this meaning is lost but the sun worship as a symbol of a new beginning in life motivates young people to keep the tradition alive.
Many rabbis said they wanted to shun the impression of any sun worship.