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Critics say Wahhabism's rigidity has led it to mis-interpret and distort Sunnism, pointing to extremists like al-Qaeda, ISIS or the Taliban.
He draws distinctions between Sunnism, which he asserts evolved its political roots before it justified dogmatic aspects, and ShiAEism, which he asserts developed its religiosity before it aligned political agendas.
Ibadism, a minority sect in comparison to Sunnism and Shiasm, promotes the idea of not discrimination between the Islamic and the non-Islamic heritage of Oman.
Qatar, despite following the same Wahhabi order in Sunnism as Saudi Arabia, follows Iran's lead on this issue.
He was recognised as the king of a sovereign nation-state by the UNSC, and as Chief of the Senussi Order, a moderate Sufi movement in Sunnism called al-Senussiyah.
He adopted the latter branch of Sunnism as a mere cover - sex was his real desire - as has been the case with Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The most dangerous of these is the Arab-Persian conflict which runs far deeper than the Sunni-Shi'ite divide or the one between Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi Sunnism and Iran's Safawi Shi'ism.
Sunnism is actually one of the two major branches of Islam, alongside Shiism : its followers believe that the Prophet Muhammad, Islam's founder, didn't appoint a clear successor.
The gradual construction and consolidation of Ottoman Imperial Sunnism constitutes the main focus of the first part.
In Iran, it is commonly applied also to the Wahhabi brand of Sunnism practiced in Saudi Arabia, which is strongly anti-Shiite.
Tunisia's Muslim population, however, belongs to the Maleki school of Sunnism, which is relatively more moderate than the other three major branches of the Sunni faith.
The IRGC/QF effort of moving these two Sunni/Neo-Salafi groups to Syria was part of a four-pronged Tehran strategy: (1) to under-mine the Saudi leaderships over the 57-state OIC (Organisation of Islamic Co-operation based in Jeddah with its secretary-general being a Saudi former minister), in which Iran is the only Shi'ite member, the 22-state Arab League and Riyadh controls OPEC; (2) to split the Arabs who dominate Sunnism which accounts for over 90% of a Muslim world of 1.