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You write that your "new secret weapon" is sunspot cycles.
8 nm), the variations in the solar X-ray background flux and number of solar soft X-ray flares are examined relative to the corrected total sunspot area (SSA) and the newly revised sunspot number (SSN), using yearly means and counts for the interval 1975-2015, an interval spanning sunspot cycles (SCs) 21-23 and the first 8 years of the current SC24.
But I've never considered the effect of sunspot cycles, which can dramatically disturb the earth's geomagnetic field.
If one looks at the sunspot cycles, the conclusion has to be that the world has entered a cooling cycle.
The sun has sunspot cycles that last about 11 years, which begins with minimum activity, ramps up to maximum activity in about 5.
The BAA Aurora Section monitors auroral activity and the records show how it varies with the sunspot cycles.
At issue is whether such changes can be driven by human activity--as opposed to, say, sunspot cycles or other natural factors.
Powerful support for this idea came in 1991 when Eigil Friis-Christensen, director of the Danish National Space Centre, published a study showing a remarkable correlation between global warming and the length of sunspot cycles.
Though the effect of this difference on climate appears to be modest, scientists point to a puzzling time in Earth's history when several unusually low sunspot cycles occurred in succession.
Eventually scientists determined that sunspot cycles and aurora cycles were coordinated, both peaking every 11 years.
Comparison of the number of outbreaks of forest Lepidoptera to sunspot cycles shows that a majority of outbreaks occur during the trough of sunspot activity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].