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 (sī′ə-nō-ăk′rə-lāt′, sī-ăn′ō-)
An adhesive substance with an acrylate base that is used in industry and medicine.


(Elements & Compounds) a substance with an acrylate base, usually sold in the form of a quick-setting highly adhesive glue


(ˌsaɪ ə noʊˈæk rəˌleɪt, -lɪt, saɪˌæn oʊ-)
any of several colorless liquid acrylate monomers used as a powerful, fast-acting adhesive.
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Super glue remover is a good start and there are solvents you can get that soften adhesive.
com/iti) * Foam core * Green paint * Paintbrush * Super Glue * Picture frame hanger * X-acto knife
Materials needed: glass laboratory slides with cover slips, Krylon spray adhesive (available at art supply stores) OR super glue (the thin kind, not the gel), dark cloth or cardboard, and tiny paintbrush, outdoor temperature of 23 F or below
The department of labour inspection on Wednesday warned consumers that a dangerous super glue was present in the Cypriot market.
I add a lighter, a razorblade, a couple tubes of Super Glue, and some Band-Aids to mine as well.
Limited tenders are invited for supply of super glue o ring
YOU WILL NEED: A wooden tray 25 mini jars (available online or at craft stores - we used Bonne Maman jars) Round sticky labels 25 tiny treats Glue gun or super glue Marker pen or a printer 1 Take the lids off the jars and put the lids aside, then arrange the jars on your wooden tray.
Super Glue: Ask a reputable veterinarian, and they'll tell you that using Super Glue to close a deep cut isn't advisable.
Along with its ability to produce high-quality private label super glue for major retail chains, being a U.
Surgeons used the smallest adult catheter they could find and a strand of microwire to put super glue on baby Ashlyn's aneurysm, the New York Daily News reported.
Attach your wheels to each end of each wooden stick using hot glue, super glue, or a similar adhesive.
Popularly known as the "Toxic Tush" practitioner, the fake doctor Oneal Ron Morris who allegedly injected chemicals like bathroom caulk, cement, fix-a-flat, super glue and mineral oil into patients claiming it was silicone in order to enhance their butt, was charged with manslaughter on Thursday and convicted for the death of one of her patients: 31-year-old Shatarka Nuby.