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n. pl. su·per·car·goes or su·per·car·gos
An officer on a merchant ship who has charge of the cargo and its sale and purchase.

[Alteration (influenced by super-) of supracargo, alteration (influenced by supra-) of Spanish sobrecargo : sobre-, over (from Latin super-; see super-) + cargo, cargo; see cargo.]


n, pl -goes
(Nautical Terms) an officer on a merchant ship who supervises commercial matters and is in charge of the cargo
[C17: changed from Spanish sobrecargo, from sobre over (from Latin super) + cargo cargo]


(ˌsu pərˈkɑr goʊ, ˈsu pərˌkɑr-)

n., pl. -goes, -gos.
a merchant-ship officer who is in charge of the cargo and the commercial concerns of the voyage.
[1690–1700; < Sp sobrecargo, with sobre- over (< Latin super) Latinized; see cargo]


Personnel that accompany cargo on board a ship for the purpose of accomplishing en route maintenance and security.
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Noun1.supercargo - an officer on a merchant ship in charge of the cargo and its sale and purchase
ship's officer, officer - a person authorized to serve in a position of authority on a vessel; "he is the officer in charge of the ship's engines"


[ˈsuːpəˌkɑːgəʊ] Nsobrecargo m
References in classic literature ?
A noo boarder and lodger, sir, and looking fit and taut as a fiddle; slep' like a supercargo, he did, right alongside of John--stem to stem we was, all night.
For he was not to remain a sailor, or a supercargo, or whatever he was going to be.
As there is no motive for concealment, I am permitted to use them, and accordingly send you a transcript, simply omitting technical details of seamanship and supercargo.
Morrel," said Dantes, observing the owner's impatience, "here is your supercargo, M.
M'Kay should go in her as supercargo, taking with him Mr.
You're the hoight av impidence, an' I'm persuaded ye'll corrupt our supercargo in a week.
I saw him, with my mind's eye, on the schooner on which he worked, wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees; and at night, when the boat sailed along easily before a light breeze, and the sailors were gathered on the upper deck, while the captain and the supercargo lolled in deck-chairs, smoking their pipes, I saw him dance with another lad, dance wildly, to the wheezy music of the concertina.
And as supercargo, with my trifle invested in the adventure and my share in the gains, I commanded the captain.
He was his mother's supercargo, and his business was to comb all the Paumotus for the wealth of copra, shell, and pearls that they yielded up.
He was a young supercargo, it was his second voyage in such capacity, and he suffered much secret worry from his lack of experience in pricing pearls.
Then a time charter, Norfolk, Virginia, loading mysterious contraband coal and sailing for South Africa under orders of the mysterious German supercargo put on board by the charterers.
Our ship was on a trading voyage, and had a supercargo on board, who was to direct all her motions after she arrived at the Cape, only being limited to a certain number of days for stay, by charter-party, at the several ports she was to go to.