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a.1.More than substantial; spiritual.
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Although recognizing the benefit of spiritual communion, the decree "beseeches" the faithful, for the sake of unity and peace, to venerate and "frequently receive [this] supersubstantial bread" (13)--an almost radical claim considering that Augenkommunion (ocular communion--gazing at the host as the priest elevated it) was the norm in the sixteenth century.
We are not surprised to find Maritain quoted on the same theme some dozen or so pages later: "It is a deadly error to expect poetry to provide the supersubstantial nourishment of man" (Eliot, UoP 124; Maritain 79).
Climb above yourself with a purified spirit, divested of all things, free and pure, up to the supersubstantial divine darkness.
24) (Saint Dionysius says: Those who have had their formation and have grown up in the world of material things think that supersubstantial things do not exist and suppose that by that means they can know him who made the darkness his hiding place.
I am inclined to agree with Jacques Maritain, contra Arnold, that "it is a mortal error to expect from poetry the supersubstantial nourishment of man.