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intr.v. su·per·vened, su·per·ven·ing, su·per·venes
1. To come or occur as something extraneous, additional, or unexpected.
2. To follow immediately after; ensue.
3. Philosophy To be dependent on a set of facts or properties in such a way that change is possible only if change occurs in those facts or properties.

[Latin supervenīre : super-, super- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

su′per·ven′ient (-vēn′yənt) adj.
su′per·ven′ience (-vēn′yəns) n.
su′per·ven′tion (-vĕn′shən) n.


1. (Logic) supervening
2. (Philosophy) philosophy (of a property) inseparable from the other properties of something. Two objects may be identical except that one is red and the other not, but they cannot be identical except that one is beautiful and the other not; beauty is thus a supervenient property
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Not part of the real or essential nature of a thing:
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Now I think it will be agreed by everyone that a concrete proposition of law is not a bare fact but is rather a supervenient fact; I mean this, informally: it's not part of the ultimate structure of the universe that 1 am permitted to take a bicycle into the park.
songs that has helped me override the supervenient thoughts that crowd
II Supervenient Criminality and Penalty Enhancements for Hate
Howard Bloch sums up, sees Eve's creation as "secondary, derivative, supervenient, and supplemental," rendering woman "inferior, debased, scandalous, and perverse.
Whereas in other kinds of constructed place, mood is often a supervenient phenomenon, in gardens mood is an intrinsic feature, something that belongs to our experience of them.
One way to establish that would be to show that freedom of speech is essential to the possibility of human dignity, and that human dignity is supervenient on human agency.
An important implication of the theory is that there are levels at which we most easily and naturally distinguish between objects in the world, and that supervenient or subvenient levels tend to be more technically defined.
This is puzzling because its conclusion seems to be making a testable claim about the world: supervenient properties are causally inefficacious.
61) Supervenient upon moral personhood (prospective purposive agency (62)), dignity, in turn, is parsed in terms of human rights and correlative duties of forbearance, provision, and protection.
Significantly for the discussions that follow, the essay aims to identify a unified concept of aesthetic value that, although supervenient on various other kinds of value, remains distinct in its own right.
Again, we need to distinguish various senses of our question: the torturing of puppies is wrong because the natural, supervenient property of rightness fails to supervene on the action while the property of wrongness does so supervene on the action; it is also wrong because it fails to maximize utility or the net balance of goodness over badness; and it is also wrong because of the puppies' suffering itself.
In recent years Jaegwon Kim has offered an argument--the "supervenience argument"--to show that supervenient mental properties, construed as second-order properties distinct from their first-order realizers, do not have causal powers of their own.