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Telles furent ainsi jugees les dispositions portant sur la sous-traitance, la mise en disponibilite des employes et les droits de supplantation (191).
The supplantation of Glps by Eglps thus may be viewed as an example of natural Darwinian selection at the molecular level.
As Daniel Grassian observes in his Writing the Future of Black America: Literature of the Hip-Hop Generation, what these characters have in common with each other, as well as its protagonist and titular folk hero, is that each pushes up against extrinsic forms of limitation endemic to his era: racist institutions, the supplantation of human labour by industrial technology (in the case of John Henry), and the insatiable pop drivel demands of the information age (in the case of J.
Of course, it is no surprise to anyone raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition that to test god should be considered as inherently an act of attempted domination or supplantation, and thus blasphemous, since it would put the deity in the inferior position of an object; in the Greco-Roman world, testing gods also rarely turns out well.
Les previsions emanant des etudes du changement climatique laissent presager que la supplantation du renard arctique par le renard roux s'etendra a l'Arctique alaskien, bien que le changement puisse se produire plus lentement en raison de l'eloignement de l'occupation humaine et de la nourriture anthropique.
Paperboard container demand will decline as a result of further supplantation of gabletop cartons by plastic bottles, especially in the milk and fruit beverage markets.
Departing only slightly from Lyon, Puchner claims that the manifesto not only commands the language of history, it necessarily organizes revolution as a narrative of supersession and supplantation.
htm (urging states to stop supplantation and warning that "if the savings from supplanted federal funds are used for purposes other than those specified in the TANF legislation, Congress will react by assuming that we have provided states with too much money").
Pakistan experienced all types of military intervention including influence, blackmail, displacement, and supplantation.
In the context of supplantation [Salomon, 1994], the combination of an interactive design and computer algebra can help to build mental models (see [Vogel et al.
Succession Issues--Political and Administrative Democratic Principle and Party Continuity Efficient Conduct of the Presidency "Bumping" or Supplantation Succession During Presidential Campaigns and Transitions Between Nomination and Election Between the Election and the Meeting of the Electors Between the Electoral College Vote and the Electoral Vote Count by Congress Between the Electoral Vote Count and Inauguration 110th Congress: Proposed Legislation H.