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1. superior.
2. supreme.
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5) Universite de Moncton v Blanchard (1970), 2 NBR (2e) 679, [1970] NBJ no 69 (QL) (C supr BR).
Table 5 reports SUPR parameter estimates for conditional mean function specifications of the black self-employment decision and performance across four different measures of trust/confidence in government.
A test statistic for the supr emum of these values can be calculated, as can the statistic's critical values.
According to Cray-craft, "religious freedom," as enforced by the liberal state in conformity with recent Supr eme Court decisions, anathematizes orthodox religious believers.
Companies mentioned include AWIN, BFI, CWST, EESI, ENE, ITX, RSG, SUPR, USF, USL, WMI.
Other examples adding to the image of hell include: "the glare of the steaming forecastle" (NN 21), "a spark of human pity glimmered yet through the infernal fog of his supr eme conceit" (NN 21), "lamps [.
And Bob Hamilton, business manager of Fieldcrest Cannon's bath division, said coordination is becoming essential to supr add-on sales with busy consumers who don't have the time to put a decorator look together.
To start the experiment, random pairs of virgin flies were sampled from the population and introduced in maintenance vials containing 3 mL of a medium made up of 11 g of agar, 100 g of supr, 100 g of live baker's yeast, 5 mL of propionic acid, and 1.
SUPR aims to provide long-term RPI-linked income, from institutional grade tenants and the potential for capital growth through active asset management.
4 along with EXO, Red Velvet Supr Junior M's Henry and Zhoumi and Super Junior's Leeteuk as emcee.
Homebred Trisant His now being targeteRoyal Welsh, with Elfyto keep up a run of g which saw his co CATTLE clinch the supr last year's English WinStanding reserve a arfon was the comme er Lady Gaga, a 17-m British Blue cross heand shown by young Jones, Bodychain UchGaga reigned sup Caerwys last month wyn Hughes reckoned ousin had the edge th"It was a very st stylish entry that wpreme at but Berd the Limhis time.