Supraoccipital bone

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(Anat.) a bone on the dorsal side of the great foramen of the skull, usually forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but distinct in the young.

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The cerebellar protuberance of the supraoccipital bone protrudes slightly in all Sclerurus species, except in S.
At birth the Kerckring center was identified as an ossicle completely separated from the supraoccipital bone in 132 newborns (66%).
It is the result of the incomplete ossification of the ventromedial part of the supraoccipital bone, (PARKER & PARK, 1974a; DE LAHUNTA, 1983; WATSON et al.
Dorsal notch of the foramen magnum due to incomplete ossification of the supraoccipital bone in dogs.
Measurements and counts were obtained according to the methods previously outlined by Garavello and Britski (1988) in addition to mid-dorsal scale count taken from the supraoccipital bone and origin of dorsal fin insertion and between the adipose-fin and the origin of caudal fin rays.