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(sʊə) or


(Placename) transliteration of the Arabic name for Tyre



a town in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean Sea: site of the ancient port of Tyre.


a prefix meaning “over, above,” “in addition”: surcharge; surname; surrender.
[Middle English < Old French < Latin super- super-]


var. of sub- before r: surrogate.
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Noun1.Sur - a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean SeaSur - a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea; formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
References in classic literature ?
itt bin that hur lashipp prevent mee; for to bee sur, Sir, you nose
thing, to be sur shee is won of thee best ladis in thee wurld, and
To bee sur if ever I ave sad any thing of that kine it as bin
gud a plase to day, I shud not haf beleeved it; for to be sur I
cord too give it mee without askin, to be sur Mrs Etoff herself, nor
Les domes, sur l'azur des ondes Suivant la phrase au pur contour, S'enflent comme des gorges rondes Que souleve un soupir d'amour.
Devant une facade rose, Sur le marbre d'un escalier.
His patés à la fois were beyond doubt immaculate; but what pen can do justice to his essays sur la Nature - his thoughts sur l'Ame - his observations sur l'Esprit ?
2} Ils ecrivaient sur la Philosophie (Cicero, Lucretius, Seneca) mais c'etait la Philosophie Grecque.
She is making the tour du monde entirely alone, without even a soubrette to carry the ensign, for the purpose of seeing for herself a quoi s'en tenir sur les hommes et les choses- -on les hommes particularly.
Vous comptez vous faire des rentes sur l'etat;* you want to make something out of your company?
If you're looking down past the Sur for it, it will keep," he laughed.