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A city of south-central Java, Indonesia, east of Bandung. It is a market and processing center noted for its vast walled palace built by the former sultans of the region.


(Placename) a town in Indonesia, on central Java: textile manufacturing. Pop: 516 500 (1995 est). Former spelling: Soerakarta


(ˌsʊər əˈkɑr tə)

a city on central Java, in central Indonesia. 504,176. Formerly, Solo.
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One, a friendly man in his 40s named Sri Wijoyo, explained they had come on foot from Surakarta, in central Java --their journey had taken a month --to meditate here and acquire kesaktian, or mystical power, "by means of which," said Wijoyo, "we can help the many people who need help.
Based on his dissertation research--itself part of a larger comparative project in the narrative study of religion at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands--the author offers a discursive analysis of twenty-four focus-group discussions (FGD's) with Muslim and Christian participants from the Central Javanese city of Surakarta.
Ratna Sjamsiar Idris - Director of Marketing & Communications Gran Melia Jakarta said, “This Grand Opening Event of Mexican Food Fiesta is attended by more than 150 guests with sitdown dinner arrangement concept, held at the Lobby Lounge located at the heart of the hotel, featuring Mexican Art performances by Victorhugo Hidalgo, a student from Institute Seni Surakarta who is currently taking a Master Degree on Art Creation.
She put her bet on one of the most honest and modest Javanese men, Joko Widodo, a hard-working furniture maker in the Javanese city of Surakarta who became a reasonably successful man, eventually known as Jokowi.
President Jokowi has the additional quality of having been a successful businessman, a self-made figure who rose to become the mayor of his home-city, Surakarta, and later governor of Jakarta.
Essays in section 1 ("Identity") present the findings of research on particular Muslim or Christian communities--for instance, in The Hague or Surakarta.
Program Studi Agribisnis Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta,Retrieve fromhttp://agribisnis.
The project is working in four cities of Java and Sumatra (Bogor, Surakarta, Yogyakarta and Palembang) to integrate national guidelines into municipal transport plans.
Joko Widodo, the son of a wood-seller, made his pile as an exporter of wooden furniture before being elected mayor of his native city of Surakarta in central Java in 2005.
3) Chemical Engineering Department, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta 57126, Indonesia
Surakarta: ISI Press Surakarta in collaboration with Galeri Seni Benawa, 2011.
Just as I was getting acclimatised to life in the rainforest, we flew back to the urban jungle of Jakarta, en route for Surakarta.