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The priests opposed both my fire and life in- surance, on the ground that it was an insolent attempt to hinder the decrees of God; and if you pointed out that they did not hinder the decrees in the least, but only modified the hard consequences of them if you took out policies and had luck, they retorted that that was gambling against the decrees of God, and was just as bad.
31,2013, data reported to the Federal Deposit In surance Corp.
MELC represents the reasCi surance to customers that our surgeons treat each patient with the utmost dedication and attentiveness Ci an approach that allows them to consistently deliver highly rewarding vision correction results.
Christensen discusses simple business and in surance mistakes that can make appraisers vulnerable--and liable.
Our development staff stands readv to advise you on all forms of planned giving, including wills, in surance, dflhitiities aiitl trusts.
BVZL International, the Germany- based ass o ciation for international secondary life i n surance markets, will host the One-day-Symposium " Secondary Markets for Life Insu r ance " on September 23rd, 2013.
CELL C, a third cellular network provider in South Africa, has unveiled an insurance product - C Surance.
8) These firms are Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, China Life In surance Company, China Mobile Limited, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Natural Resources Inc.
But make sure you don't get too carried away and drop your precious handset down the loo - a common problem according to some recent in surance claims.
The volume of Saudi in- surance premiums grew 27 percent to $ 2.
Expanding educational training pro grams to include courses on quality as surance and safety.