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Noun1.surface chemistry - the branch of chemistry that studies processes occurring at interfaces between phases (especially those between liquid and gas)
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
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For this year's memoir article, Gerhard Ertl describes his career in surface science.
Powdertech Surface Science is an expert in the application of chrome-free pre-treatments and powder coatings for lightweight alloy materials, in the automotive, aerospace, architectural and other specialised industries.
Mechanical manipulation of micro- and nano-scaled objects is important in biology, surface science and microfluidics, and for micromachines in general.
Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on aluminium", Applied Surface Science, 254: 5599-5601.
The Haldor Topsoe company in Denmark which is a world leader in catalysis and surface science has underlined preparedness to resume cooperation in developmental projects and building a petrochemical unit in the phase 2 of the South Pars oil and gas field in the Southern city of Assalouyeh.
Then in 2018 the second part of the mission will deliver a package that combines a mobile rover and surface science platform.
John Bond and Elaine Lieu, and published in the journal Applied Surface Science.
Delegates will have the opportunity to take a sample along for the technique demonstrations and/or for a one-to-one discussion with a member of Ceram's surface science team.
The Research Centre for Polymer Colloid & Surface Science at Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan, Oil- Seed Rape & Mustard for Improved Oil Content at Agriculture University Peshawar and Centre of Excellence in Geology have also been established with assistance of HEC.
Prior to joining academia, the first 25 years of his career were spent in industrial research that ranged from polymer and silicone synthesis to colloid and surface science and to the management of .
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His theoretical and experimental research focused on plasma physics, the plasma boundary layer, surface science and chemical physics.