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 (so͝o′rə-nä′mə) Formerly (1948-1978) Su·ri·nam (so͝or′ə-năm′, -näm′)
A country of northeast South America on the Atlantic Ocean. First colonized by the British, the region was ceded to the Netherlands as Dutch Guiana in 1667. It received limited autonomy in 1954 and achieved full independence in 1975. Paramaribo is the capital and the largest city.

Su′ri·na·mese′ (-nä-mēz′, -mēs′) adj. & n.


A. ADJsurinamés
B. Nsurinamés/esa m/f
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11) surinamese boys almost always have more family members in the country than just parents, sisters, and brothers: only 2 per cent of the boys reported that they had no relatives in the Netherlands.
They particularly liked one of the collages made by a Surinamese girl, portraying a symmetrical skyscraper with attractive blue coloring.
The largest ethnic group after the Dutch is Surinamese who make up 11% of the city's population, while other large ethnic groups including Moroccans, Turks, Germans and Indonesians account for 3.
Three people are believed to have played a part in her disappearance - Dutch man Joran Van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.
Then they present nine case studies, among them, out of India: language contact and change in Sarnami (Caribbean Hindustani>, Hakka as spoken in Suriname, and the transformation of a colonial language: Surinamese Dutch.
The event was organized as an open house and efforts were made to reach out to the Dutch society, with special focus on the 200,000 strong Surinamese Hindustani community in the Netherlands.
Van Ballekom and his team of investment officers and advisers discussed financing opportunities with senior officials of the government of Suriname, private investors and project developers, with a view to providing loans to Surinamese projects.
funded, UN-sponsored Container Control Unit operates at the Terminal of Nieuwe Haven (Port of Paramaribo) and has assisted in two drug investigations this year; however, their operating protocol requires permission and oversight of Surinamese Customs authorities.
With this approach, SMEs will be able to start-up or expand production of goods and services with a spin-off in job creation, trade, export and adding to GDP growth and strengthening of the Surinamese currency and economy".
Belizean, Dutch Antillean, Guadeloupe, Surinamese tourism industry.
Very soon, it is expected, we will sign a final long-term supply contract," said the Surinamese ministry of foreign affairs.
The meeting took place at Miraflores Presidential Palace, Caracas, where president Nicolas Maduro welcomed his Surinamese counterpart Disree Delano Bouterse after the opening a conference of the Union of South American Conference (UNASUR) on natural resources in the region, the official Venezuelan AVN news agency reported.