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a.1.That may be surpassed.
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You will not be ashamed of her looks, for she is a copy in little of her beautiful mother - and it is that Andalusian beauty which is not surpassable, even in your country.
But importantly, it is eventually and ultimately a predictable process, which dictates certain things about officers' agency and about their expectations within a constant, stable and regularly progressing formal register of personhood that qualifies subalternity as a relational and (eventually and partially) surpassable condition.
but rather for the novel that doesn't concern itself with popular expectations, the hardly surpassable Fantdmas, Souvestre and Allain with their 32 huge written volumes, in best form (in both meanings of the term), and appearing consecutively in 32 monthly volumes, from February 1911 to September 1913, a caracoling rhythm the polar opposite of that greedy and constipated popular prudence, my fascination for this sorry, painful, tiring incompletion that made possible a short conversation I once overheard (for real) between two readers: "I never succeeded to finish a Kafka novel.