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n.1.The act of substituting one person in the place of another.
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cultural surrogation (23) and insurgency embedded in the recorded
There is no apparent attempt to present or assume other characters" opinions or thoughts, a feature that clashes with the manifestation of the other key theme in the novel: surrogation or the mental and bodily enslavement of people by other people.
Effigy's similarity to performance should be clear enough: it fills by means of surrogation a vacancy created by the absence of an original.
Meanwhile, the textual space responds to what I would call, following Joseph Roach, a "principle of surrogation," which would posit death as an integrating process presumably negotiated through kinship:
Taymor's Titus in Time and Space: Surrogation and Interpolation.
Of course, the description of minstrelsy's particular form of braggadocio as a surrogation of frontier identity is intriguing, to say the least.
But in this hip hop version, a sort of racial surrogation takes place, to use Joseph Roach's concept as a form of substitution that is connected to the process of collective memory.
On the efficiency of subject surrogation in accounting research, The Accounting Review, 49, 743-750.
Marchante argues that 'the process of surrogation was vital for the survival of the community and, anchored in the iconic memory of Charles V, would pass through the present king Philip III to the newborn heir, the future king Philip IV'.