Surveyor general

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A principal surveyor; as, the surveyor general of the king's manors, or of woods and parks.
An officer having charge of the survey of the public lands of a land district.

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The court also remarked that the Surveyor General of Pakistan Major Gen Akhtar Hameed Rao would be summoned for implementation of court orders on which the advocate general assured the court to submit report of Survey of Pakistan by next month.
Maj Gen Akhtar Jamil Rao, Surveyor General of Pakistan briefed the honorable Minister about the Department, it's functions and achievements.
Surveyor General of Pakistan, Major General Akhtar Jamil Rao briefed the minister about the department, it's functions and achievements, a press release Friday said.
First recorded attempt In the mid-19th century, when Nepal was closed to outsiders, a team hired by Sir George Everest, a former surveyor general of India, assembled near India's border with Nepal.
Adekoya, former Surveyor General of the Federation, Commodore A.
This suggests Colebeck and the Surveyor General spent time in a Rebel prison and presumably Patrick also did.
Department of Land Commissioner General, Land Reform Commission, Department of Land Settlement, Department of Surveyor General, Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Land Survey Council, Department of Land Use Policy Planning and the Kantalai Sugar Company.
In 1764-65, Holland, then Surveyor General for British North America, created the first truly modem, accurate map of Prince Edward Island which shaped settlement and patterns of land ownership which continue to define the province today.
More than five years after submitting a claim to extend its sea territory beyond the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone, the Surveyor General is none the wiser, saying the claim is still floating in the procedures required by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
11 -- Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao has slammed Google for allegedly gathering classified information through a mapping competition in February last year.
Indeed, in 1750, Robert Stokes, the deputy surveyor general, introduced a certificate of proficiency in an attempt to raise standards across the industry; described as "at best, a very good reference or credential for an individual surveyor," it was neither universally endorsed nor utilized and was discontinued in 1784.