n.1.One who survives; a survivor.
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SATURDAY LONE SURVIVER C4 9PM Mark Wahlberg stars as Marcus Luttrell who, along with his team of Navy SEALs, embarks on a dangerous mission to eliminate notorious Taliban leader Shah who is hiding out in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Wrote a book on his experiences called No Hero Just a Surviver.
A surviver said many of his relatives were on the boat but only a few had survived.
December 17, 2010 (BOR) -- Two women were killed as gunmen abduct three children in Jonglei state's Bor county on Thursday, local authorities and a wounded surviver told the Sudan Tribune on Friday.
Nolan, a surviver of the Toon's relegation turmoil, remembered those Villa banners when he hooked in the fifth from an uncleared corner.
II: 334-335; Bara [shaman sees the bush spirit who eats human eyes, hunters do not believe, spirit gouges hunters when they are deep asleep, the blinds turn into monkeys]: Jackson 1983: 113; Tucano [Tuyuca men gather fruits, all besides one fall deep asleep; bush spirit gouges them; the surviver puts them false eyes of pepper, they turn into monkeys]: Bruzzi 1994: 82-83; Yagua [men, besides two, club the toad-demon, when they are deep asleep he extracts their eyes, men turn into monkeys, wild pigs, peccaries]: Payne 1992: 188-192; Powlison 1959: 11-12.
THE relatives of a Dunkirk surviver were today following in his footsteps to recreate his escape from the Nazi advance through France.
But another surviver told a group of local journalists that brokers collected nearly 150 people from the coastlines and took huge amounts from each promising them to take to Malaysia.
Emotional scars take a long time to heal but you've proved you're a surviver.
SSP Khairpur quoting survivers said that van driver was overtaking the truck from the wrong side.
Scott argued that tribal communities in upland Mainland Southeast Asia should not be viewed as primitive survivers of a past political order, but as active resisters to incorporation into states, as refugees from state-making projects, whose own political strategies determined their own minority, tribal identities.
In 2011, the survivers, Abdul Ahad Sheikh, Muhammad Sheikh and Muhammad Lateif Sheikh, filed a petition before the HC for reinvestigation of the case by the CBI and implemenation of 1998 State Human Rights Commission ( SHRC) recommendations in the case.