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 (so͞o′sə, -zə)
A ruined city of southwest Iran south of Hamaden. It was the capital of the kingdom of Elam and a capital of the Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great.


(Placename) an ancient city north of the Persian Gulf: capital of Elam and of the Persian Empire; flourished as a Greek polis under the Seleucids and Parthians. Biblical name: Shushan


(ˈsu sə, -sɑ)

a ruined city in W Iran: the capital of ancient Elam. Biblical name, Shushan.
Su′si•an (-zi ən) n., adj.
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Noun1.Susa - a port city in eastern Tunisia on the MediterraneanSusa - a port city in eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean
Republic of Tunisia, Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956; "southern Tunisia is mostly desert"
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So, if great things to small may be compar'd, XERXES, the Libertie of GREECE to yoke, From SUSA his MEMNONIAN Palace high Came to the Sea, and over HELLESPONT Bridging his way, EUROPE with ASIA joyn'd, And scourg'd with many a stroak th' indignant waves.
As the Persian imitated in the slender shafts and capitals of his architecture the stem and flower of the lotus and palm, so the Persian court in its magnificent era never gave over the nomadism of its barbarous tribes, but travelled from Ecbatana, where the spring was spent, to Susa in summer and to Babylon for the winter.
Some 270 firefighters and 200 volunteers worked to contain the flames in the region of Val Di Susa, close to Turin.
I think its just nerves, the playoff nerves," Susa said.
Jamin es necesario, pues, tener en cuenta tres cuestiones preliminares: (1) que el Autor ha elegido afrontar el tema de las funciones del Colegio de cardenales sede plena desde una perspectiva historica; (2) que se trata de un trabajo acotado, ratione materiae, a su cooperacion con el Papa en las cuestiones mas relacionadas con la fe y, ratione personae, centrandose en el pensamiento de Enrique de Susa, uno de los grandes canonistas del Medioevo; y (3) que su genero literario propio es el de la tesis doctoral, realizada y defendida en este caso en la Facultad de Derecho Canonico San Pio X de Venecia.
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Carter argues for the possibility of secondary burials: "The different burial types--plain earth, jar, and vaulted tomb--may be evidence of a complex multi-stage burial rite in Susa .
President of EGAS, Sherif Susa, requested that the two ministries work to convince international donors to help fund the project, in addition to tapping into surplus funds, which would be accessed by restructuring the subsidies programme.
LANA Three police officers have been killed and a fourth is in critical condition after assailants, reportedly radical islamists raided a checkpoint near Susa, a coastal town 260km east of Benghazi on Wednesday.
She won a round-robin event in which every player played each other - she had a 100% win record and Tamara Susa was second overall.
The Journal understands that Good's agent Zeljko Susa will jet into the UK later today and is hoping to push through a deal for the 19-year-old to join United in a deal worth around pounds 400,000.
Together with Early Settlement and Irrigation on the Deh Luran Plain, this volume reports on the findings of an extensive archeological survey conducted in 1969 in the Deh Luran region of western Iran, providing insights into the history of agriculture and animal husbandry, traffic and trade along the ancient Achaemenid road that connected Susa to Sardis in western Anatolia, and the use of the region as seasonal pasture by various tribes of what are now Iraq and Iran.