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1. Arousing or apt to arouse suspicion; questionable: suspicious behavior.
2. Tending to suspect; distrustful: a suspicious nature.
3. Expressing suspicion: a suspicious look.

sus·pi′cious·ly adv.
sus·pi′cious·ness n.


1. exciting or liable to excite suspicion; questionable
2. disposed to suspect something wrong
3. indicative or expressive of suspicion
susˈpiciously adv
susˈpiciousness n


(səˈspɪʃ əs)

1. tending to cause or excite suspicion; questionable: suspicious behavior.
2. inclined to suspect, esp. inclined to suspect evil; distrustful.
3. full of or feeling suspicion.
4. expressing or indicating suspicion: a suspicious glance.
[1300–50; Middle English < Latin suspīciōsus]
sus•pi′cious•ly, adv.
sus•pi′cious•ness, n.


1. 'doubtful'

If you feel doubtful about something, you are unsure about it or about whether it will happen or be successful.

Do you feel insecure and doubtful about your ability?
It was doubtful he would ever see her again.
2. 'dubious'

If you are dubious about something, you are not sure whether it is the right thing to do.

Alison sounded very dubious.
The men in charge were a bit dubious about taking women on.

If you describe something as dubious, you think it is not completely honest, safe, or reliable.

...his dubious abilities as a teacher.
3. 'suspicious'

If you are suspicious of a person, you do not trust them and think they might be involved in something dishonest or illegal.

I am suspicious of his intentions.
Miss Lenaut had grown suspicious.

If you describe something as suspicious, it suggests behaviour that is dishonest, illegal, or dangerous.

He listened for any suspicious sounds. suspicious circumstances.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj.1.suspicious - openly distrustful and unwilling to confidesuspicious - openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
distrustful - having or showing distrust; "a man of distrustful nature"; "my other fields of law has made me distrustful of rules of thumb generally"- B.N.Cardozo; "vigilant and distrustful superintendence"- Thomas Jefferson
2.suspicious - not as expected; "there was something fishy about the accident"; "up to some funny business"; "some definitely queer goings-on"; "a shady deal"; "her motives were suspect"; "suspicious behavior"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
questionable - subject to question; "questionable motives"; "a questionable reputation"; "a fire of questionable origin"


2. suspect, dubious, questionable, funny, doubtful, dodgy (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. informal), queer, irregular, shady (informal), fishy (informal), of doubtful honesty, open to doubt or misconstruction two suspicious-looking characters
suspect straight, above board, beyond suspicion, open, straightforward, upright, unquestionable, not open to question
3. odd, strange, mysterious, dark, dubious, irregular, questionable, murky (informal), shady (informal), fishy Four people have died in suspicious circumstances.


1. Of dubious character:
Informal: fishy.
2. Lacking trust or confidence:
مُرْتاب، شاكٌّ في، ظَنونمُريب، مُثير للشَّكمَشْبُوه
kuşkuluşüphe uyandırangüvenmeyen
khả nghi


[səsˈpɪʃəs] ADJ
1. (= mistrustful) [person, nature] → desconfiado; [glance] → receloso
Paul was a suspicious manPaul era un hombre desconfiado
many people are suspicious that the government will reduce benefits furthermucha gente tiene la sospecha de que el gobierno va a reducir aún más los subsidios
to be suspicious about sthdesconfiar de algo
to become or grow suspicious (of sth/sb)empezar a desconfiar (de algo/algn)
that made him suspiciouseso le hizo sospechar
to have a suspicious mindtener una mente desconfiada or recelosa
he is suspicious of visitorsse muestra receloso ante las visitas
2. (= causing suspicion) [person, behaviour, package] → sospechoso
did you see anything suspicious?¿viste algo sospechoso?
it looks very suspicious to meme parece muy sospechoso
is there anything suspicious about the crash?¿hay algo sospechoso acerca del choque?
in suspicious circumstancesen circunstancias sospechosas


[səˈspɪʃəs] adj
(= suspecting wrongdoing) → qui a des soupçons
The police became suspicious → La police commençait à avoir des soupçons.
(= wary) → soupçonneux/euse, méfiant(e)
He was suspicious at first → Il était méfiant au début.
He shot a suspicious glance at me → Il me lança un regard soupçonneux.
to be suspicious of sth [+ reform, motives] → avoir des doutes à propos de qch, trouver qch suspect(e)
(= arousing suspicion) [person, circumstances] → suspect(e)
a suspicious person
BUT un individu louche.


(= feeling suspicion)argwöhnisch, misstrauisch (of gegenüber); you have a suspicious mindSie sind aber misstrauisch; to be suspicious about somethingetw mit Misstrauen or Argwohn (geh)betrachten
(= causing suspicion)verdächtig; there were no suspicious circumstanceses gab keine verdächtigen Umstände; he died in suspicious circumstanceser starb unter verdächtigen or zweifelhaften Umständen; the police are treating her death as suspiciousdie Polizei betrachtet ihren Tod als nicht natürlich


[səˈspɪʃəs] adj (causing suspicion) → sospetto/a; (feeling suspicion) suspicious (of)sospettoso/a (di), diffidente (di)
to be suspicious of or about sb/sth → nutrire dei sospetti nei riguardi di qn/qc
that made him suspicious → questo lo ha insospettito
a suspicious character → un(a) tipo/a sospetto/a


(səˈspekt) verb
1. to think (a person etc) guilty. Whom do you suspect (of the crime)?; I suspect him of killing the girl.
2. to distrust. I suspected her motives / air of honesty.
3. to think probable. I suspect that she's trying to hide her true feelings; I began to suspect a plot.
noun (ˈsaspekt)
a person who is thought guilty. There are three possible suspects in this murder case.
not trustworthy. I think his statement is suspect.
suspicion (səˈspiʃən) noun
1. the process of suspecting or being suspected; the/a feeling causing a person to suspect. They looked at each other with suspicion; I have a suspicion that she is not telling the truth.
2. a slight quantity or trace. There was a suspicion of triumph in his tone.
suspicious (səˈspiʃəs) adjective
1. having or showing suspicion. I'm always suspicious of men like him; a suspicious glance.
2. causing or arousing suspicion. suspicious circumstances.
suspiciously (səˈspiʃəsli) adverb
suˈspiciousness noun



etc see suspect


مَشْبُوه podezřívavý mistænksom verdächtig καχύποπτος suspicaz epäilyttävä suspicieux sumnjičav sospetto 疑わしい 수상한 wantrouwend mistenksom podejrzany suspeita, suspeitoso подозрительный misstänkt สงสัย kuşkulu khả nghi 令人怀疑的


adj sospechoso; a suspicious mass..una masa sospechosa
References in classic literature ?
He talks of her constantly, writes poetry, and moons about in a most suspicious manner.
Heyward, perceiving that the eyes of his companion were warily fastened on the rest of the band, fell back immediately, in order to avoid the appearance of any suspicious confederacy with their leader.
During this time we discovered no uneasiness or desire to escape, which made them less suspicious of us; but in the dead of night, as we lay in a thick cane-brake by a large fire, when sleep had locked up their senses, my situation not disposing me for rest, I touched my companion and gently awoke him.
His own death, so like that former one, yet attended by none of those suspicious circumstances, seems the stroke of God upon him, at once a punishment for his wickedness, and making plain the innocence of Clifford, But this flight,--it distorts everything
Dimmesdale would perhaps have seen this individual's character more perfectly, if a certain morbidness, to which sick hearts are liable, had not rendered him suspicious of all mankind.
I could not help it, but I began to feel suspicious of this dark complexioned harpooneer.
But I am going now to keep a sharp look-out on him; and if I see anything very suspicious going on, I'll just take him by the nape of his neck, and say --Look here, Beelzebub, you don't do it; and if he makes any fuss, by the Lord I'll make a grab into his pocket for his tail, take it to the capstan, and give him such a wrenching and heaving, that his tail will come short off at the stump --do you see; and then, I rather guess when he finds himself docked in that queer fashion, he'll sneak off without the poor satisfaction of feeling his tail between his legs.
She came to us snappish and suspicious, but when she found what sort of place ours was, it all went off by degrees; for three years I have never seen the smallest sign of temper, and if she is well treated there is not a better, more willing animal than she is.
When Jurgis would ask them what they meant, they would begin to get suspicious, and content themselves with saying, "Never mind, you stay here and see for yourself.
Haley, notwithstanding that he was a very old bird, and naturally inclined to be suspicious of chaff, was rather brought up by this view of the case.
He would have forgotten himself, sure, and said something to them in a style a suspicious shade or so above his ostensible degree, and so I always got him well out of the road in time.
They had met no tourists for some time, and they considered that a suspicious sign.