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An Anglo-Saxon kingdom of southern England bordering on the English Channel. Founded in the fifth century ad, it was captured by the kingdom of Wessex in 825.


1. (Placename) (until 1974) a county of SE England, now divided into the separate counties of East Sussex and West Sussex
2. (Historical Terms) (in Anglo-Saxon England) the kingdom of the South Saxons, which became a shire of the kingdom of Wessex in the early 9th century ad
3. (Placename) (in Anglo-Saxon England) the kingdom of the South Saxons, which became a shire of the kingdom of Wessex in the early 9th century ad
4. (Breeds) a breed of red beef cattle originally from Sussex
5. (Breeds) a heavy and long-established breed of domestic fowl used principally as a table bird


(ˈsʌs ɪks)

1. a former county in SE England: divided into East Sussex and West Sussex.
2. a kingdom of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy in SE England.
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Noun1.Sussex - a county in southern England on the English ChannelSussex - a county in southern England on the English Channel; formerly an Anglo-Saxon kingdom that was captured by Wessex in the 9th century
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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