Swamp cabbage

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(Bot.) skunk cabbage.

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The 'Everglades' pizza at Evan's Neighbourhood Pizza contains alligator, frog legs, swamp cabbage, hog and python as toppings, the Daily Star reported.
Peter said that producer Tim Mason has lined up a stellar group of well-known performers for the concerts, including last week's season-opener, which featured noted veteran guitarist Walter Parks, whose career has included serving as lead guitarist for Woodstock legend Richie Havens, as half of the duo known as the Nudes and as leader of the southern swamp blues group Swamp Cabbage.
n kangkong: water glorybind, water spinach, water convolvulus or swamp cabbage
In addition, fresh foods such as figs, artichokes, swamp cabbage, snow peas, asparagus and chayote were nominated as new foods, tried but rejected because of taste.
And there's always the indigenous swamp cabbage, or "hearts of palm" as it's known in the gourmet stores.
Joy Smith, the Carltons' combination cook-nanny-friend, gestures toward sausages on toothpicks and a platter of swamp cabbage fritters--a delicious concoction of flour, cornmeal, Everglades seasoning and fresh, chopped hearts of palm--her husband, Jerry, has just fried.
If we don't look back on where we came from, we could be salvaged and our bodies dumped on a patch of swamp cabbage,' David said in his homily.
Pioneers all: More than 750 Sarasota old-timers feasted on black-eyed peas, swamp cabbage, hush puppies and memories at the annual Pioneer Days held at Robarts Arena.
Seafood, swamp cabbage (the heart of the cabbage palm), mangos and watermelon each have their day, as do Greek, Indian and soul food.