Swan goose

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(Zool.) a bird of India (Cygnopsis cygnoides) resembling both the swan and the goose.

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This sub-project aims to strengthen the management effectiveness of the wetland protected area system of Hubei province, which is identified as one of the priority sites under the National Biodiversity Satrategy and Action Plan and known as the "Province of Lakes" with thousands of lakes and with its globally significant biodiversity, including freshwater porpoise, Pere David%s deer, and endangered bird species such as stork, Swan Goose and Chinese Merganser.
The Swan Goose is a non-native species in Europe, having been introduced in the 18th century (Delacour 1954).
Certainly a feral, rather than wild bird, I did see a small hybrid whitefront/ swan goose with the swans in front of the Pier Head a month back, and suspect it maybe the same bird.