Swan-Ganz catheter

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Swan-Ganz cath·e·ter

n. catéter de Swan-Ganz, sonda flexible que contiene un balón cerca de la punta y que se emplea para medir la presión sanguínea en la arteria pulmonar.
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Occasionally, IPAP perforation due to Swan-Ganz catheter can occur during cardiac surgery, in these cases parenchymal resection and pulmonary artery repair is crucial.
Clinical data presented earlier this year demonstrated that the Edwards FloTrac technology has reliability comparable to the Swan-Ganz catheter.
The increasing use of technology by anesthesiologists, such as the financially rewarding Swan-Ganz catheter insertion, has changed this situation somewhat.
Setting or Location for the Exercise of Surgical or Invasive Procedure Privileges; Monitoring Procedures Performed that Require Specific Privileges; Cross-Department Privileges by procedure (ECG interpretation, Swan-Ganz catheter insertion, vasectomy, sigmoidoscopy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, amniocentesis, thoracotomy tube insertion and management, tympanocentesis, C-sections, endoscopies);
There is no doubt that the Swan-Ganz catheter was a great advance in diagnostic cardiac catheterisation; whether it is a useful anaesthetic monitor is currently open to debate.