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(Placename) a variant spelling of Suwannee


(səˈwɒn i, -ˈwɔ ni, ˈswɒn i, ˈswɔ ni)

also Swanee

a river in SE Georgia and N Florida, flowing SW to the Gulf of Mexico. 240 mi. (386 km) long.
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D1 Never Will I Marry (Judy Garland) D2 Encore: Swanee / Chicago / Over The Rainbow / San Francisco (Judy Garland)
The song and dance extravaganza will include iconic hits such as Cheek to Cheek, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Birth of the Blues, Swanee, Night and Day, I Got Rhythm, Easter Parade and, of course, Puttin' on the Ritz.
So, that's about 13 000 jobs down the Swanee in the real world.
SO CUTE: : A Clanger | | Speaking only in whistles - swanee whistles were used for the sound - they ate blue string pudding and green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon.
It was also great to see a busy percussion section, which included the appearance of an Australian rainmaker and a swanee whistle, during the course of the evening, which was compered by presenter Tommy Pearson.
Ambassador Swanee Hunt, chair of the Institute for Inclusive Security, earlier welcomed the Pakistani participants to the discourse, anchored by Huma Haq, Associate Director at the Council's South Asia Centre.
Club audiences across England enjoyed Rob's vocals and guitar, backed by Rod's virtuosity on harmonica, jug, washboard, bass drum, a contraption that incorporated kazoos and swanee whistle plus a foot-operated toy clown ('Arthur') that played symbols
com) Lisa Umina said Swanee Day offers a way for children to learn courtesy, an important part of humanity.
In addition, construct a sidewalk on the north side of 22nd Avenue from the existing crosswalk east of Wilson St to Swanee Place.
Ambassador to Austria from 1993 to 1997, Swanee Hunt played an important role in U.
Drinking "Buck Mental" cocktails and rocking out to Swanee River is particularly lasting memory from about four years ago.
Swanee Great, now all those wanting to quit have an excuse not to as, officially, they can't when, of course, they can.