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a.1.Resembling a swan.
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So that's what would have happened to my bones had I trusted myself to them,' said the youth sadly; and he began to cry bitterly, not because of the treasures, but because of the lovely girl with her swanlike neck and golden hair.
On deck the teak cladding and hidden halyard runs along with flush hatches that give that Swanlike flavour while the wide and open cockpit has twin binnacles.
And this (last gown) -- we also made it very versatile, the two layers underneath can be removed and you end up with a very ballerina, swanlike dress.
Oblivious to the chatter around her, she looked intently at choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot as she parsed the first steps of his new Taming of the Shrew with quiet focus, lending them amplitude and a swanlike articulation.
A seagull may not be swanlike, but there are no weeds in the sea.
The coffee is strong, the wine a dry red poured from a tall, swanlike beaker.
Rama's show in Berlin last summer resembled a minisurvey of prurience, running the gamut from early illustrative scenarios (such as a kiss between a woman and a pornographic, swanlike snake that emerges from her vagina) to her later collages and reliefs in tarry black hues, in which more sublimated kinds of boob-eye forms do suggestive, anthropomorphic things.