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(Historical Terms) (in British India) self-government; independence
[C20: from Sanskrit svarāj, from sva self + rājya rule]
swaˈrajism n
swaˈrajist n, adj



1. (in India) self-government.
2. (cap.) (in British India) the political party supporting this principle over British rule.
[1905–10; < Hindi, = Skt sva own + Hindi rāj raj]
swa•raj′ism, n.
swa•raj′ist, n., adj.
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It was because of Azad that Swarajist leaders like C.
By September 1923, Congress split into two factions, that is, pro council-entry Swarajist Party faction led by Motilal Nehru and C.
In the Punjab, Lajpat Rai, a veteran Hindu leader and a great critic of Fazl- i- Husain's ' rul e' in the Punjab and Choudhary Shahabuddin's 'rule' in Lahore,8 had helped the Swarajist election campaign.
18 Sikandar Hayat Khan, being in the front ranks of Zamindar Party, enjoyed the confidence of all the groups in the council; he was a bridge among various communities; the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Swarajists and the official members.
Congress was carrying out agitational politics since 1920 and the liberal Congressite had moved backward to give way to the Swarajists who presumed that they could perhaps achieve the gol single handed without taking much notice of the Muslim claim to safeguard their rights.