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n. pl. Swazi or Swa·zis
1. A member of a southeast African people of Swaziland and adjacent parts of South Africa.
2. The Nguni language of this people, closely related to Xhosa and Zulu.


npl -zis or -zi
1. (Peoples) a member of a racially mixed people of southern Africa living chiefly in Swaziland, who first formed into a strong political group in the late 19th century
2. (Languages) the language of this people: an official language of Swaziland along with English. It belongs to the Niger-Congo family and is closely related to Xhosa and Zulu


(ˈswɑ zi)

n., pl. -zis, (esp. collectively) -zi.
1. a member of a Nguni people of Swaziland and adjacent parts of the Transvaal in South Africa.
2. the Bantu language of the Swazi.
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Noun1.Swazi - a member of a southeast African people living in Swaziland and adjacent areas
Kingdom of Swaziland, Swaziland - a landlocked monarchy in southeastern Africa; member of the commonwealth that achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1968
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
2.Swazi - a Bantu language closely related to Zulu
Nguni - a group of southern Bantu languages
Adj.1.Swazi - of or relating to or characteristic of Swaziland or its people or their language


A. ADJswazilandés, suazilandés
B. Nswazilandés/esa m/f, suazilandés/esa m/f
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Her mother, Macropha, my wife, was of Swazi blood, and was brought to the king's kraal with other captives after a raid, and given to me as a wife by the king.
Still it was a ghastly sight, and one from which we were glad to escape; indeed, I never remember anything of the kind that affected me more than seeing those gallant soldiers thus put out of pain by the red-handed medicine men, except, indeed, on one occasion when, after an attack, I saw a force of Swazis burying their hopelessly wounded /alive/.
Longstanding tribal and familial ties shared by many of the Swazi people contribute to a tight-knit, traditional society that is warm and welcoming of visitors.
While this situation has received scientific and technological interpretations, Swazi indigenous thought rejects these since it ascribes natural catastrophes to cosmic forces.
Suggesting that the process was hijacked by forces preying on the ignorance of senior ministers, Swazi Senator Mike Temple has asked to investigate the efforts of reviving national airline Swazi Airways.
Government brings about six Swazi professionals to the United States each year, from both the public and private sectors, primarily for master's degrees, and about six others for 3-week to 4-week International Visitor programs.
Swazi police dispute this, saying that only 13 people died.
They were going to the Swazi king's residence for the annual eight-day reed dance.
The minister made the statement while welcoming visiting Swazi Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs David Cruiser Ngcamphalala and his accompanying delegation, expressing hope for further cooperation.
Participants also felt a need to make friends with the Swazi people (P-3, Preexperience) and learn about the country, to expand their world view (P-2; P-15, Pre-experience).
30, undaunted by recent cardiac bypass surgery, he'll permanently leave his northern home for his southern one, where he spent 16 years, married and buried a young Swazi wife, and fathered four children.
The properties included in the deal are: the 173-key Royal Livingstone Hotel and the 212-key Zambezi Sun in Zambia; the 196-key Gaborone Sun in Botswana; the 158-key Lesotho Sun and 105-key Maseru Sun in Lesotho; the 149-key Royal Swazi and the 202-key Ezulwini Sun in Swaziland, and the 173-key Kalahari Sands in Namibia.