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 (swēd′n-bôrg′, svād′n-bôr′ē), Emanuel 1688-1772.
Swedish scientist and theologian whose visions and writings inspired his followers to establish the Church of the New Jerusalem after his death.

Swe′den·bor′gi·an adj. & n.


(ˌswid nˈbɔr dʒi ən, -gi-)

1. of or pertaining to Emanuel Swedenborg, his religious doctrines, or the body of followers adhering to these doctrines and constituting the New Jerusalem Church.
2. a believer in the religious doctrines of Swedenborg.
Swe`den•bor′gi•an•ism, Swe′den•borg`ism, n.
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I have read somewhat of the theology of the Swedenborgian faith I was brought up in, but I have not read other theological works; and I do not apologize for not liking any.
The many-storied, romantic city has delightful settings for your big day, including the opulent Bentley Reserve, and the rustic National Historic Landmark, the Swedenborgian Church.
See for instance plate 19 of the Marriage, in which the satirical and devilish narrator claims that the Swedenborgian angel's misperception of the approaching Leviathan is "owing to your metaphysics" (E 42).
In an 1853 letter to her friend and fellow Swedenborgian Isa Blagden, EBB writes of Swedenborg's philosophy, "His scheme of the natural and the spiritual worlds and natures appears to me, in an internal light of its own, divine and true.
The collection also fulfills its promise in Karlyn Crowley's analysis of Swedenborgian thought in Julia Ward Howe's The Hermaphrodite (2004), a tantalizingly unconventional novel written in the 1840s that tells the story of an intersex, male-identified yet feminized protagonist, Laurence, who rejects a woman's sexual advances, retreats to a life of mystic celibacy in which his most meaningful relationship is with God, then falls in love with a man, from whom he flees after the man attempts to rape him.
Chapters are: Mesmerism and the psychological dimension of mediumship; spiritualism and the American Swedenborgian Current; dead reckonings; spirit possession; queering the seance; man is a spirit here and now; Pinkie at play; criticizing the dead; the nature of reality; reincarnation; crossing over; spiritism in Brazil; between two worlds; othe medium is the message in the spacious presento; channelinguthe Cinderella of the New Age?
He was a practitioner of the Swedenborgian religion that there is a correspondence between all things.
Readers who are seeking new insights into America's cultural history through the lens of the American orchard, or just hoping for a refreshing look at Johnny Appleseed, will find that this book is replete with new information culled from over fifteen years of meticulous research in county courthouses, historical societies, and Swedenborgian archives.
As the title of one of his theological treatises suggests (The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine, 1757-58), (11) Swedenborg dated the establishment of the Church of New Jerusalem in the years 1757 and 1758, and he often referred to the realization of his mystical teachings on earth as the New Jerusalem--a Swedenborgian doctrine based on the biblical book of Revelation.
Curtis, "The Swedenborgian Imagination in the Fiction of W.
Joseph Rayner Stephens, Anglican Parson Bull, and the Swedenborgian editor of the Northern Star, the Rev.
For Finkelstein, the connection of past to present seems to be a matter of correspondences, in the Swedenborgian sense of the word as an analogy between specific things in the physical and spiritual realms.