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Swedenborgianism, Swedenborgism

the doctrines, beliefs, and practices of the Church of the New Jerusalem, founded by the followers of Emmanuel Swedenborg in the late 18th century, especially its assertion that Christ is God Himself and not the Son of God, and its reliance upon accounts of mystical appearances of Christ to Swedenborg. — Swedenborgian, n., adj.
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So with Mesmerism, Swedenborgism, Fourierism, and the Millennial Church; they are poor pretensions enough, but good criticism on the science, philosophy, and preaching of the day.
During the nineteenth century, the renewed impact of Martinism, often combined with Swedenborgism and Mesmerism, ranged from occult gurus such as Eliphas Levi to writers like Huysmans, both of whom Harvey discusses at length.