Sweep net

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a net for drawing over a large compass.

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The specimen was collected using a sweep net during the Zoological Museum of Bergen's (ZMB) 1990 expedition to the West Usambara mountains (see Wagner & Andersen 2007).
All indoor and outdoor containers that were potential breeding sites were inspected, whereas adult collection was conducted using sweep net and modified aspirator.
The bag portion is rather more robust than is typical of "butterfly nets," making the sweep net ideal for gleaning insects from grasses and shrubs.
Sweep net sampling (net diameter = 38 cm) of the understory vegetation was done in 1996 and 1997 in the same orchards that were monitored with beat trays.
Arthropods on plants near the Malaise traps were collected with a 38 cm-diameter, sailcloth sweep net on the last day of each trapping period.
Currently, beetle monitoring requires a sharp eye, dexterity with a sweep net, and a keen sense of direction while trekking through 12-foot-high thickets of saltcedar.
Each transect was sampled for arthropods using 30 swings of a sweep net (15 inches diameter) that reached 5.
b) Sampling method codes: BT = Beat sheet; DI = Direct collect; FG = Fog; LL = Leaf litter; LT = Light trap; ML = Malaise; MN = Manitoba; PF = Pitfall trap: and SW = Sweep net.
Collectors used a red-light source and sweep net to locate and capture any moth within the transect area.