acesulfame potassium

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a·ce·sul·fame potassium

A white crystalline powder, C4H4KNO4S, having a taste about 200 times sweeter than sucrose, used as a calorie-free sweetener. Also called acesulfame K.

[Alteration of earlier acetosulfam (perhaps influenced by aspartame) : aceto- + sulf(o)- + am(ine).]
References in classic literature ?
This privilege of seeing woman eat is the earliest granted of those delicate animal intimacies, the fuller and fuller confiding of which plays not the least important part, and ever such a sweet one, even in a highly transcendental affection.
No, dearest, sweet one, honey, I won't give up- I know you know something.
Methought, my sweet one, then I ceased to soar And fell - not swiftly as I rose before, But with a downward, tremulous motion thro' Light, brazen rays, this golden star unto
Be angry with me, my sweet one, I deserve it; but do not believe that I shall not always care for you-- always be grateful to you--always remember my Hetty; and if any trouble should come that we do not now foresee, trust in me to do everything that lies in my power.
YOUR friends, sweet one,' he added, addressing Dolly, 'are within a few hours' journey.
The smart one for Fan, the sweet one for Polly, and the gay one for Pug.
Orpheus celebrated this victory by playing a triumphant anthem on his harp, and sang so melodiously that Jason begged him to desist, lest, as the steel-feathered birds had been driven away by an ugly sound, they might be enticed back again by a sweet one.
For Bamford, a bit-part player under Monk's reign at Boro, scoring the winning goal and notching his seventh strike in four matches must have a sweet one as he ruined his former boss' big night in a game of few chances.
It will be a sweet one in Castlebar on Saturday night, the town will be buzzing, there will be a huge crowd, and the players love that, they will feed off the energy.
It distributes its products through the brand names Sugar in the Raw Organic White, Sugar in the Raw, Agave in the Raw, NatraTaste Gold, NatraTaste Blue, Stevia in the Raw, SweetN Low, Monk Fruit in the Raw, Nu-Salt, Butter Buds, and Sweet One.
Charlie's story ends up being a sweet one, as she learns lessons about trust and friendship, as well as focus and determination.
THIS season has been a bitter sweet one for PT Usha's protege Tintu Luka.