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or sweet shrub  (swēt′shrŭb′)
Either of two North American deciduous shrubs of the genus Calycanthus, having opposite leaves, fragrant reddish-brown flowers, and many dry fruits enclosed in a cuplike capsule.
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Chimney Rock Park, NC Wildflowers Guided Hike: Hike along the Hickory Nut Falls Trail in search of yellow mandarin, bellworts, toothwort, violets, sweetshrub, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and trilliums.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Sweetshrub is an "old timey" plant that has been popular since Colonial days.
You will see striped-bark maple, bottlebrush buckeye, boxwood, sweetshrub, summersweet, common witch hazel, sweetspire, leucothoe and numerous other woody plants.