Swell shark

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(Zool.) a small shark (Scyllium ventricosum) of the west coast of North America, which takes in air when caught, and swells up like a swellfish.

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Discovered only last year by marine biologists, the bubble shark, also described as an "inflatable shark" and believed to be a new species of swell shark, has been observed in waters off Batangas and Mindoro island.
com, one of the discoveries made by the researchers was a possible new species of swell shark, "a shark that pumps water into its stomach to puff up.
Among some of the more interesting new species are a swell shark that eats shrimp, a cicada that makes a "laughing" call, a starfish that only eats sunken driftwood, and a crab with needle-like teeth on its pincers.
Among the suspected new species - 200 new marine invertebrates, 11 new fish, and at least 40 new spiders - scientists stumbled across such notable finds as a cicada that makes a distinctive "laughing" call, a deep-sea swell shark that inflates its stomach with water to bulk up and scares off other predators.
Common name Other common names Scientific name Rig gummy shark, smoothhound, Mustelus spotted dogfish, spotted lenticulatus smoothhound, lemon fish, pioke School grey shark, tope, flake, Galeorhinus galeus shark makohuarau, tupere Spiny southern spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias dogfish spurdog, spineback, spikey dog Northern grey spiny dogfish, shortspine Squalus mitsukurii spiny spurdog, green-eyed dogfish dogfish Hammerhead hammerhead Sphyrna zygaena shark Bronze whaler Carcharhinus whaler brachyurus Blue shark blue pointer, blue whaler Prionace glauca Porbeagle mackerel shark Lamna nasus Mako mackerel shark Isurus oxyrinchus Carpet shark swell shark, cat shark Cephaloscyllium isabellum
A lot more knowledge has been gathered about other sharks - there are about 390 species including the exotic hammerheads, the notorious great white, the bizarre swell shark and the intelligent makos.
Answers: From smallest to largest - 1) Pygmy Ribbontail shark 2) Swell shark 3)Tiger shark 4) Great White shark 5) Whale shark.
The baby swell shark below is swimming out of its egg case.
Bioelectric-mediated predation by swell sharks Cephaloscyllium ventriosum.
The Murad Ray Tank is also home to several baby and juvenile sharks, including horn sharks, leopard sharks and swell sharks as well as spiny lobsters, decorated crabs and sand dollars.
The Murad Ray Tank, long a popular attraction among visitors to the Roundhouse Aquarium, prominently features ocean rays and is also home to several baby and juvenile sharks, including horn sharks, leopard sharks, and swell sharks.