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(Minerals) a clay mineral consisting of hydrated aluminium silicate: an important component of bentonite
[C19: named after Montmorillon, French town where it was first found, + -ite1]


(ˌmɒnt məˈrɪl əˌnaɪt)

any of a group of clay minerals that expand when they absorb water.
[1850–55; after Montmorillon, France, where it was found; see -ite1]
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These methods include chemical stabilization, replacement with non swelling soil, prewetting, moisture and density control during compaction process, surcharge loading, mixing with non- swelling soil and use of geosynthetics.
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Kaczynski and Olszewska [1] showed that swelling soil in Poland had brought relatively many failures of structures.
The swelling soil required me to conduct several individual soil tests before building.
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In a swelling soil the amount of water calculated to have infiltrated taking the swelling into account is greater than that calculated if the swelling is ignored.
They involve differentiation of the function representing the total potential of water in unsaturated swelling soil (eqn 25) and then substituting that gradient in Darcy's law (eqn 26).