n. & v.1.See Sward, n. & v.
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Upon his thombe he hadde of gold a ryng, And by his syde a naked swerd hangyng; And up he rideth to the heighe bord In al the halle ne was ther spoken a word For merveille of this knyght; hym to biholde Ful bisily they wayten, yonge and olde (V: 76-88).
For as he was comming out of Egypte in to Persia, when he shulde mownt on horsbacke, his swerd felle out of the skaberd and sore wounded hym in suche wyse that he dyed of it.
And al above, depeynted in a tour, Saugh I Conquest, sittynge in greet honour, With sharpe swerd over his heed Hangynge by a soutil twynes threed.
In the Purification play, as Symeon and Anna await the arrival of the holy family, Symeon muses to Anna: "Swych a sorwe bothe sharpe and smerte / [thorn]at as a swerd perce it xalle [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]even thorwe his moderys herte" (88-90).
Lat me that aungel se and hym biholde; And if that a verray angel bee, Thanne wol I doon as thou hast prayed me; And if thou love another man, for sothe Right with this swerd thanne wol I sle yow bothe' (15)
The version in the Thornton manuscript states `ferro non occidit', and Robert Reynes of Acle copied into his commonplace book a similar prayer promising that `he schal not be slayn with swerd nor knyff'.
RENUCHIO After his breath was gone Bereft thus from his brest by cruell force Streight they despoiled him, and, not alone Contented wth his death, on the dead corps, Whom savage beastes do spare, ginne they to showe New crueltie, and wth a swerd they pearce His naked belly, and unrippe it soe That out the bowelles gush.
He schuld venge him wip his swerd, He swore bi seyn Mahoun.
Its features, connecting "King, Ship and Swerd, and power of the see," had been celebrated in the Libelle of English Policy, a fifteenth-century trade policy poem advising the young monarch Henry VI that his rights to the English throne ultimately depended on naval supremacy.
1382 And Saul seyde to his squyer, Drawze out thi swerd.