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Swich things as that I know I will declare.
- Chaucer.
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And shippes by the brinke comen and gon, And in swich forme endure a day or two.
We are very proud of Community Swich on the website - if you create a shawarma and give it a name, it's proprietary to you.
The aim was to keep the design of Swich as organic as possible, with a shape that would satisfy any office or home decor style.
But, Lord, thise grisly feendly [fiendishly] rokkes blake [black1, That semen rather a foul confusion Of werk than any fair creacion Of swich [such] a parfit wys [perfect wise] God and a stable, Why han ye wroght this werk unreasonable?
His camp have twice postponed this fight and have been forced to swich it from Italy to London - hardly perfect preparation for someone as dangerous as Clev.
For this step one Agilent Technologies swich will be introduced.
Scimeca, 32, played in a five-man Bluebirds' midfield during the 1-1 draw at Ip swich Town in midweek and is keen to start against Blackpool at Ninian Park tomorrow.
This duc, of whom I make mencioun, Whan he was come almoost unto the toun, In al his wele and in his mooste pride, He was war, as he caste his eye aside, Where that ther kneled in the heighe weye A compaignye of ladyes, tweye and tweye, Ech after oother, clad in clothes blake; But swich a cry and swich a wo they make That in this world nys creature lyvynge That herde swich another waymentynge; And of this cry they nolde nevere stenten Til they the reynes of his brydel henten.
266-70) Who koude telle yow | the forme daunces So vnkouthe | and swiche fresshe contenaunces Swich subtil looking and dissimulynges For drede I of Ialous mennes aperceyuynges (V.
May falls in love with Damyan, an event that also is depicted in monetary terms: "this fresshe May / hath take swich impression that day / Of pitee of this sike Damyan / That from hire herte she ne dryve kan / The remembrance for to doon hym ese" (IV.
Cogently the Man of Law's Prologue identifies the linguistic role of Chaucer's writings as "in swich Englissh as he kan / Of olde tyme, as knoweth many a man" (II.
he telle pe cas wy Sop y was no3t swich as y semyde bu.