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The act of making exaggerated or unsubstantiated allegations to damage the credibility of a political candidate or other public figure.

[After the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of Swift Boat crew members who opposed the 2004 presidential candidacy of American politician John Kerry (born 1943) and alleged that Kerry's decorations for service in the Vietnam War were undeserved.]

swift′boat′ v.
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It's true that the GOP is raising a lot of money, and the power of the so-called 527 organizations has been plain since swift-boating became a verb four years ago.
Political consultants--those snakelike creatures who slither through the swamps and sinkholes of politics--have turned Borking, Swift-boating, and Reverend-Wrighting into low-brow but highly lucrative art forms, cynically valued by the media for their effectiveness.
We saw what they did in the last election with the swift-boating of John Kerry," he said, and he expects more of the same in the 2008 contest and Mrs.
If John Kerry had squeezed out a tear or two talking about his war buddies on that Swift boat, the Swift-boating of John Kerry might have not had the power to sink his 2004 campaign.