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The act of making exaggerated or unsubstantiated allegations to damage the credibility of a political candidate or other public figure.

[After the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of Swift Boat crew members who opposed the 2004 presidential candidacy of American politician John Kerry (born 1943) and alleged that Kerry's decorations for service in the Vietnam War were undeserved.]

swift′boat′ v.
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A piece about how Bush used family connections to take refuge in an elite unit of the Texas National Guard (and didn't show up most of the time) would help offset the anti-Kerry swiftboat campaign.
for Truth, Swiftboat Veterans Ad on John Kerry--Sellout (2004), YOUTUBE
Thus, also, the predictable attacks on opponents' masculine image, such as the Swiftboat slanders against John Kerry's military service and right-wing radio hosts' use of childishly or vulgarly feminized nicknames to mock liberal officeholders.
Such black-and-white thinking is what leads Handy to label his moderate opponent an "ultra-conservative," and to accuse Thayer of Swiftboat tactics.
Similarly, John Kerry's team found the Swiftboat charges so ludicrous they didn't deign to answer them.
Subpart (b) made its next appearance one month later, when the FEC announced a settlement agreement with the 527 organization Swiftboat Veterans and POWs for Truth (SwiftVets), whereby SwiftVets agreed to pay a $299,500 fine.
He gave $7 million for Hurricane Katrina relief, $5 million to help swiftboat John Kerry, and, I'm told, $3 million to a conservative watchdog group called Accuracy in Media.
He's not alone on the Allen campaign: longtime Republican media operative Chris LaCivita, a former Marine who's known Webb for years, spent 2004 advising Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.
org and Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, but they may not know about the 527 organizations in their communities and states that are dedicated to electing members of a political party or pushing an initiative or proposition.
Even more shocking, though, was the machine's failure to Swiftboat Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, who, in a speech and op-ed clearly aimed at finding a publisher, said foreign policy had been taken over by "a secretive, little-known cabal.
Donors who helped TLR become a major political force include Enron's Ken Lay and homebuilder Bob Perry, who bankrolled the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth attacks on John Kerry.