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The act of making exaggerated or unsubstantiated allegations to damage the credibility of a political candidate or other public figure.

[After the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of Swift Boat crew members who opposed the 2004 presidential candidacy of American politician John Kerry (born 1943) and alleged that Kerry's decorations for service in the Vietnam War were undeserved.]

swift′boat′ v.
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Such black-and-white thinking is what leads Handy to label his moderate opponent an "ultra-conservative," and to accuse Thayer of Swiftboat tactics.
Similarly, John Kerry's team found the Swiftboat charges so ludicrous they didn't deign to answer them.
Subpart (b) made its next appearance one month later, when the FEC announced a settlement agreement with the 527 organization Swiftboat Veterans and POWs for Truth (SwiftVets), whereby SwiftVets agreed to pay a $299,500 fine.
He gave $7 million for Hurricane Katrina relief, $5 million to help swiftboat John Kerry, and, I'm told, $3 million to a conservative watchdog group called Accuracy in Media.
Johnson has written of front group attacks in several congressional campaigns this season, some funded by the same donors to the Swiftboat Veterans.
He's not alone on the Allen campaign: longtime Republican media operative Chris LaCivita, a former Marine who's known Webb for years, spent 2004 advising Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.
Murray Religious Freedom Coalition John O'Neill Swiftboat Veterans Howard Phillips The Conservative Caucus Alan Potter Constitution Party of Virginia Marc Rotterman American Conservative Union Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum Rick and Caryann Shaftan Neighborhood Research/Mountaintop Media Rev.
Donors who helped TLR become a major political force include Enron's Ken Lay and homebuilder Bob Perry, who bankrolled the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth attacks on John Kerry.
Take a group called Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, who are trying to undermine John Kerry's war record by questioning the circumstances under which he gained his Bronze and Silver Star and three Purple Hearts.
The run-up to the speech also included an appearance at the podium by a dozen of his Vietnam War swiftboat crewmates and former Army Green Beret Jim Rassmann, whose life was saved by Kerry under fire during the war.
Earlier, Kerry arrived in Boston aboard a water taxi with crewmates from his Vietnam swiftboat.
Three purple hearts, two tours of duty, four months on shore, five months as a swiftboat commander and numerous amounts of bronze and silver stars.