Swiss army knife

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Swiss Army knife

(Tools) a pocket knife including a variety of blades and tools, each of which can be folded into the handle

Swiss′ ar′my knife`

a small knife with blades and other tools, such as a nail file and corkscrew, all folding into the handle.
[<Swiss Army, a trademark]
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Revolving around the food industry as it does, Swiss Army Knife for the Soul is more than food for thought: it's food for comic relief and is a celebration of life, love, and circumstance alike: a breath of fresh air in a genre replete with the overly serious.
The designers of the Swiss Army Knife were limited in the number of "attachments" they could use until they figured out a way to house the tools on both sides of the knife's body.
The expansion of the ranges to include products from the Travelgear and Swiss Army Knife categories will also play a role wherever possible and advisable.
Viability is also ensured by the wide range available, from a Fr16 Swiss army knife to music boxes for Fr10,000--something for everyone and every budget.
With a nod to the magical foldaway style of the Swiss Army knife, the walls of each room are collapsible and the seats fold down to create extra room.
Spike S p o k e swoma n L u c y Theobald said: "It's believed to be an example of a Roman Swiss Army knife.
Tim sees his proposed device as a Swiss army knife for computing.
A CONVICTED rapist has been banned from possessing an axe - and ordered to hand over his Swiss Army knife.
As he got close to Kelly's Inn the attackers punched him in the face several times and stole an Oakley triangular shaped bag containing a jumper with "Chris" on the sleeve, four CDs, a Swiss army knife and drumsticks.
maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, has changed its design.
The newest version of the Swiss army knife has a pen drive with up to 128 megabytes of memory.
He was like a Swiss army knife today - he had a tool for whatever situation he was in.

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