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a. An exchange or a swap, especially one done secretly.
b. A transference or shift, as of opinion or attention.
a. A device used to break or open an electric circuit or to divert current from one conductor to another.
b. A device consisting of two sections of railroad track and accompanying apparatus used to transfer rolling stock from one track to another.
a. A slender flexible rod, stick, or twig, especially one used for whipping.
b. The bushy tip of the tail of certain animals: a cow's switch.
c. A thick strand of real or synthetic hair used as part of a coiffure.
d. A flailing or lashing, as with a slender rod: gave the ox a switch.
v. switched, switch·ing, switch·es
a. To exchange: asked her brother to switch seats with her.
b. To shift, transfer, or divert: switched the conversation to a lighter subject.
a. To connect, disconnect, or divert (an electric current) by operating a switch.
b. To cause (an electric current or appliance) to begin or cease operation: switched the lights on and off.
c. Informal To produce as if by operating a control. Often used with on: switched on the charm.
3. To move (rolling stock) from one track to another; shunt.
a. To whip with a switch, especially in punishing a child.
b. To jerk or swish abruptly or sharply: a cat switching its tail.
1. To make or undergo a shift or an exchange: The office has switched to shorter summer hours.
2. To swish sharply from side to side.
Phrasal Verb:
switch off Informal
To stop paying attention; lose interest.

[Probably of Low German or Flemish origin.]

switch′a·ble adj.
switch′er n.
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Noun1.switching - the act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election"
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
switcheroo - a sudden unexpected switch
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The seven level output voltage obtained for different switching methods are shown in Fig.
The optical packets in DWDM can be switched with one of three optical switching methods that are Optical Circuit Switching (OCS) [1], Optical Packet Switching (OPS)[2], and Optical Burst Switching (OBS) [3-4].
They warned that in surveillance programs that rely on routine skin tests, switching methods could "make serial changes in test results difficult to interpret.
The objectives are to demonstrate the potential of widely tuneable lasers for High Density -Wavelength Division Multiplexed (HD-WDM) networks, to explore a new network architecture taking advantage of the flexibility of such lasers and to develop advanced control, management and switching methods for widely tuneable laser modules.
that provide comprehensive services, including counseling concerning methods' side effects and approaches to switching methods, could improve continuation and lead to a reduction of unintended pregnancies and improved maternal and child health outcomes.