Switching engine

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a locomotive for switching cars from one track to another, and making up trains; - called also switch engine.

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The T167 also features a Line Rate Switching engine, supports 4k active VLANs, 4k Bridge Multicast groups, Multiple Spanning Trees (MST) with up to 256 MST groups, Powerful multi-layer, Policy Control List engine, Line rate, ingress packet classification, filtering based on the packet's first 128 bytes, and Unicast IPv4 and IPv6 Routing.
These include the management of middleware applications and the migration from legacy communications handlers to a Unisys Online Message Switching Engine.
GroomerII is a flexible switching engine that can be readily customized for a variety of such application requirements, helping to reduce costs and generate revenue.
It is a switching engine designed to enable companies in high-volume transaction environments to route transactions more effectively and check their status throughout the transaction lifecycle.
Aritas' Algorithm Switching Engine allows traders to execute the trading strategies from Alpha Pro by switching between an extensive suite of algorithms to maximize liquidity access, minimize information leakage and enhance trade execution quality.
Aritas launched its Alpha Pro product in Europe last summer to complement and expand on its existing trading tools: the Algorithm Switching Engine and the Block Board (Aritas' MTF).
Buy-side clients of Williams Capital can now experience the execution quality of Pipeline's Algorithm Switching Engine and Block Market
At the heart of the solution is the VIDEO SWITCHING ENGINE, providing unparalleled throughput and architected for multiple streams.
The FriendlyNET FR204 is engineered around a sophisticated single-chip silicon switching engine.
Sasken's support services for Bandspeed include CLI, SNMP, and driver and switching engine extensions.
Engim's revolutionary Multi-Channel WLAN Switching Engine chipset forms the foundation for a new generation of very high performance, cost-effective Multi-Service WLAN infrastructure products that simultaneously aggregate traffic from multiple 802.