Switching power supply

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Switch´ing power supply

n.1.a device used as part of an electronic device, which transforms electrical current from an AC line circuit to DC for use in electronic devices, and which can use either 110 volt or 220 volt AC line curent.
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During the Period, driven by the substantial rise in orders for switching power supply units for consumer and industrial products, the Group's revenue increased by 21.
This switching power supply family includes ICs optimized for constant voltage (CV) operation when operating at power ranges from 9 Watts to 90 Watts.
HONG KONG, Nov 27, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited ("Ten Pao" or "the Group") is a leading one-stop manufacturer of switching power supply units in the PRC.
Ideal for automotive, military and hot switching power supply applications, the new Type 325 aluminum electrolytic capacitor meets the demands for 125[degrees]C rated capacitors in these applications.
The Le9501 device works directly from the standard power supply voltages available in a PC by leveraging a built-in boost switching power supply that tracks line voltage, thereby, minimizing power dissipation and reducing costs.
Prior to joining Primarion, he was director of North American development and chairman of DC-DC standard products at Delta Products, the world's leading switching power supply manufacturer.