Switching power supply

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Switch´ing power supply

n.1.a device used as part of an electronic device, which transforms electrical current from an AC line circuit to DC for use in electronic devices, and which can use either 110 volt or 220 volt AC line curent.
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Founded in 1979, the Group has more than 30 years of experience in the switching power supply industry and is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of switching power supply units for consumer products and smart chargers and controllers for industrial use.
This switching power supply family includes ICs optimized for constant voltage (CV) operation when operating at power ranges from 9 Watts to 90 Watts.
Nasdaq: POWI), announced today the availability of a new software program which dramatically reduces the amount of time involved in designing an optimized switching power supply.
The Le9501 device works directly from the standard power supply voltages available in a PC by leveraging a built-in boost switching power supply that tracks line voltage, thereby, minimizing power dissipation and reducing costs.
7 million order for a custom, high-density 300-watt switching power supply from a leading provider to Internet applications.