adv.1.Instantly; quickly; speedily; rapidly.
That thou doest, do thou swithe.
- Wyclif (John xiii. 27).
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But somehow they had room for Alfred Davis, also a labourer, and machine toolmaker William Swithe.
Orfeo's reunion with Heurodis is abrupt in its brevity; "His wif he took by the hond/And dede him swithe out of that lond" (Sands 449-450/Tolkien 473-4).
O nith saw she ther-inne a lith, A swithe fayr, a swithe bryth, Al so brith, al so shir So it were a blase of rlr.
57) And in the Exeter Book Riddles, the word refers to the tracks left by the pens and ink of the scriptorium: the "swathu swithe blacu" left by the pen and fingers of Riddle 51, or the "swathe" made clear to the reader at the close of the last Riddle, number 95.
Tenders are invited for Portable Battery As Well As Mains Operated Digital Contact Resistance Meter With 100A Dc Injection Facility To Measure And Display The Stastic Contact Resistance Of The Circuit Breaker,Isolators,And Bus-Bar Joints ,Earth Swithes Etc Directly In Micro-Ohmon 3 Halfdigitlcd Under Live Switchyard Condition.
There are 100 user I/Os equip Bus swithes for 5V tolerant.
Two-year-old VCE, jointly owned by EMC, Cisco and EMC subsidiary VMware, sells Vblock, which integrates Cisco's Unified Computing Systems servers and networking swithes with EMC storage arrays and VMware virtualisation software for public and private cloud services.
These materials could remove the need for expensive safety swithes in lithium-ion batteries, says Thackeray.
Tenders are invited for Rf Spdt Sma Coaxial Swithes
2 Open Type Molded Pvc Switch Board Of Size 7 X 10 X2 It Including Follwing Accessories 1 01 No Plug Socket 5 Pin 6 A 2 01 No Electronic Fan Regilator 400 W 3 05 No Pieno Type Swithes 5 A.
Tenders are invited for replacement of old main swithes with new cubical main panel board in state tb d&t center , irramnuma hyderabad