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1. A Swiss.
2. A Swiss Guard.

[Ultimately from Middle High German Swīzer; see Swiss.]


1. (Peoples) a less common word for Swiss
2. (Historical Terms) a member of the Swiss Guard
3. (Military) a member of the Swiss Guard
[C16: from Middle High German, from Swīz Switzerland]
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After these came all the other captains who till now have directed the arms of Italy; and the end of all their valour has been, that she has been overrun by Charles, robbed by Louis, ravaged by Ferdinand, and insulted by the Switzers.
We see the Switzers last well, notwithstanding their diversity of religion, and of cantons.
Stacey Symoun, Mark Switzer and Jamie Woroner to focus on expanding LRN's partner relationships
KANSAS CITY -- Mark your calendars for July 22 and get ready to head to the ballpark: "Out with the Royals: Forever Proud, Forever Royal," an event organized on Facebook by Scott Switzer, will bring together almost 1,000 people at Kauffman Stadium, where the Kansas City Royals will take on the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Interviewees include four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington, and Kathrine Switzer ("K.
It's no exaggeration to say that Richard Switzer is on the filmmaking fast track.
com)-- Businesses looking for credible DiSC training for effective management & team work within the organization seem to have a reliable aide - Switzer Resource Group, Inc has announced it will extend premium standard DiSC training & DiSC certification.
For Switzer, the Fairmont rally--held a year after Patriot declared bankruptcy and just a hill away from one of its mines--became a homecoming of sorts.
Hall, one of New York's leading architecture and design business development professionals, has joined interior architecture firm The Switzer Group as principal--Client Development.
This scenario would reduce costs to the Air Force, increase our exposure to the citizens we are defending, and allow us to concentrate our efforts on learning, in addition to numerous other benefits for both the individual and the Air Force, as noted by Major Switzer.
Alan Switzer, from Deloitte, believes the financial fair play rules - where clubs in European competition will only be allowed to spend what they earn - have played a part in the drop.