Swivel hook

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a hook connected with the iron strap of a pulley block by a swivel joint, for readily taking the turns out of a tackle.

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Lee Spring stock and custom range includes compression springs, wave springs, extension springs, torsion springs, constant force springs, swivel hook springs and many specialist application designs such as battery springs, as well as wire forms, stampings and fourslide parts.
99, and a natty Oak Effect Swivel Hook rack, pounds 11.
Understairs multi-functional storage unit, from pounds 3,000, from Neville Johnson Square Display coffee table with glass top and drawer beneath, pounds 529, from Dwell wo triple cubes and one double cube filled with three Triple Pandanus unit, cube unit covered in chocolate brown pandanus grass, comprising tw large baskets and four small baskets, pounds 495, from The Holding Company House a seat and shelves in a bay window, using bespoke solutions, from pounds 3,000, from Neville Johnson Strand Console Table, Walnut V Shelf Kit, Oak Effect Swivel Hook rack and accessories, all from Homebase STORAGE SNIP: Marks also has a nifty selection of baskets suitable for any room in the house.
The lower carrier pulley wasn't attached to the carrier and had a swivel hook for the hayfork, along with a means of tripping the locks in the carrier.
This design also features a durable polycarbonate lens, a nylon swivel hook and an easy-grip handle with a convenient on/off switch location, The reflective tape strips are ideal during roadside applications.
Health and Safety Authority inspector William Gaffney found a twisting steel rope rising from the globe had slipped from a swivel hook linking it to the crane cable.
Users can select from eight DTACH attachments, including a penholder, cell phone holder, swivel hook, and more.
The Tap Hook is simply placed over the outdoor tap and its swivel hook is adjusted with an easy-to-turn wing-nut to the most suitable position for your watering can or bucket.
The unit is equipped with hanging swivel hook that provides enhanced flexibility keeping it free for a 360[degrees] movement.
Light output, however, was no more than reasonable, while the swivel hook made the lamp awkward to hang.