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Guess they was swivel-eyed, then, fer it didn't git home, and I know who'll find his boots on the main-truck ef he don't leave us alone.
All well and good when aimed at swivel-eyed Islamists using the internet to persuade gullible teenagers that suicide vests are the latest must-have fashion accessory.
You can imagine now the headlines painting a portrait of a swivel-eyed left-wing zealot who wants to tax your gran and use the money to finance lesbian asylum-seekers' tap-dancing classes.
There have been angry and sometimes rather alarming phone calls, letters and emails from swivel-eyed fanatics or thin-skinned folk who have been offended by my ramblings.
All done to placate a band of swivel-eyed loonies with a pathological hatred for every Johnny Foreigner like them?
UKIP certainly attracts nutters; one of the few accurate comments to come out of Conservative head office in the last few years was that description of UKIP as "a bunch of swivel-eyed loons".
The only thing right now standing between that bunch of swivel-eyed fanatics leading the slightly less swivel-eyed fanatics of the Tory party to the right-wing fringes and you is sandwich-spilling Ed Miliband.
They shouldn't be underestimated, these swivel-eyed madmen, but however much they justify sadism with screams of a holy war, you will know they are far from Allah and the values of millions of Muslims.
Some in the Labour Party see them as swivel-eyed nutters who belong in a leper colony.
Sir Bruce Forsyth on why he quit Strictly Come Dancing "Our politicians think it all hangs on a smile and a tie, but in their quest to appear nice and personable and ordinary they look like freaks" Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson "The Tories are dying as a brand in the North of England" Ukip leader Nigel Farage "Some in the Labour Party see them as swivel-eyed nutters who belong in a leper colony.
It is regrettable that people who are supposed to be the custodians of moral and ethical behaviour in the health system are behaving like swivel-eyed loons,' the Congress of the People (COPE) in Gauteng said last month.
But ironically, considering that Front stars in both series, it completely undermines the sterling feminist message of Up The Women, depicting all women of achievement as neurotic, swivel-eyed loons.