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Guess they was swivel-eyed, then, fer it didn't git home, and I know who'll find his boots on the main-truck ef he don't leave us alone.
Isn't it time to sober up and recognise that the Government have made a terrible mistake on this and the swivel-eyed lot should not be allowed to lead Government astray?
We have little time for swivel-eyed, right-wing nut jobs in this sceptred isle.
David Davis, a man whose swivel-eyed hatred of the EU helped get us in this mess in the first place?
Of course, this ill-will has been fanned by Ukip, by their swivel-eyed allies in the Tory Party and by Right-wing newspaper bosses like Rupert Murdoch who cynically manipulate public opinion.
All well and good when aimed at swivel-eyed Islamists using the internet to persuade gullible teenagers that suicide vests are the latest must-have fashion accessory.
There have been angry and sometimes rather alarming phone calls, letters and emails from swivel-eyed fanatics or thin-skinned folk who have been offended by my ramblings.
The only thing right now standing between that bunch of swivel-eyed fanatics leading the slightly less swivel-eyed fanatics of the Tory party to the right-wing fringes and you is sandwich-spilling Ed Miliband.
It is regrettable that people who are supposed to be the custodians of moral and ethical behaviour in the health system are behaving like swivel-eyed loons,' the Congress of the People (COPE) in Gauteng said last month.
But ironically, considering that Front stars in both series, it completely undermines the sterling feminist message of Up The Women, depicting all women of achievement as neurotic, swivel-eyed loons.
Still, at least our glorious leader will have leisure to reflect that the real swivel-eyed loons he needs to worry about are not those in his local Conservative associations.