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imp.1.imp. of Swim.
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d) On-the-job training for ULB officials on management and monitoring of solid waste operations working with SWOM Cell
In the car, the fields passed in darkness and Alf said there was a Bascomb in the mental hospital in Whitby who was supposed to have swom that if he ever got out he'd bum the Cranshaw house to the ground because of the papers that were there.
All members of Congress have swom a solemn oath to support the Constitution.
By now Dermojoyo and Amatraji had become swom enemies, and Amatraji realized that he needed to do something to safeguard his position and his financial interests.
Wigmore have concluded that the privilege was in place in common law courts by the end of the seventeenth century, they have meant, mostly, that swom witnesses in these courts could decline to answer questions on the ground that their answers would incriminate them.